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2015: Latvenergo holds the top spot among the 2015 Latvia's most valuable companies

The Latvia's most valuable companies TOP101 developed by Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga was published today. During the ceremony the award as the most valuable company in Latvia was received by AS Latvenergo. With the tenth anniversary of TOP101, a special prize for the Most rapid value growth in the ten years of TOP101 was awarded to AS Olainfarm.

The top positions among the 2015 Latvia's most valuable companies were maintained by AS Latvenergo and AS Swedbank. The value of both companies differs by less than one percent. In the current history of TOP101 no two competitors have been so close to each other. The third place was taken by AS Latvijas Valsts meži.

Significant increase of value in Latvia's most valuable companies TOP101 was seen by AS Olainfarm, who managed to reach top ten by climbing from the 16th to the 10th position.

During the awards ceremony, not only the most valuable companies in Latvia were announced and honored, but also the 2015 TOP10 most valuable companies in the Baltics. The Baltic most valuable companies TOP10 is built for the second year. Ahead of it remains Swedbank Grupa, followed by SEB Banka Grupa and Tallink Grupp.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of TOP101, the companies, which always have remained in the top ten during these ten years, were honored: AS Latvenergo, AS Latvijas Valsts meži, AS Latvijas gāze, AS Lattelecom, AS Latvijas Mobilais Telefons.

In the past year, the value of the TOP101 companies has grown by 10.8% compared to 16.5% increase in the previous year. The company value growth trend has been positive for the past six years and the two last years have seen a significant increase in the growth rate. Positive changes can also been seen in the presentation of information concerning compliance with the corporate governance principles.

“This year is the ten year anniversary of the Latvia's most valuable companies TOP101. Ten years is a period long and interesting enough to draw more comprehensive and deeper conclusions. In ten years we have analyzed more than 4500 annual reports and acquired an impressive amount of knowledge, which allows to look for  correlations in the economy of Latvia and separate sectors, as well as to analyze company development,” the Chair of the Board of Prudentia Kārlis Krastiņš shares his observations.

TOP 101

“The Latvia's most valuable companies TOP101 upon reaching it first decade undeniably has become an important resource of information, which has provided entrepreneurs, industry experts and Latvian society in general with a great opportunity to obtain comprehensive insight into the growth, development and competitiveness of companies in Latvia,” admits Chair of the Board of Nasdaq Riga Daiga Auziņa-Melalksne.

Latvia's most valuable companies TOP101 is a socially significant initiative which has been implemented by Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga since 2005. This year the companies have been listed with the support of Kredītinformācijas Birojs (LV), Creditinfo (LT) and E-Business Register (EE). Kredītinformācijas Birojs is the only licensed credit information bureau in Latvia, which, similarly to Creditinfo, is a part of one of the major international credit information service provider groups.

Detailed results of the Latvia's most valuable company TOP101 and Baltic TOP10 are available at the website The website provides detailed results of this years' top and the historic results, as well the comments from various opinion leaders regarding the developments in the business environment in Latvia and the Baltics.

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